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As you explore Beyond Angkor, you will have noticed a unique BA# for each historic site listing. This Beyond Angkor numbering system has been developed so that the historical sites listed are all grouped together by a unique identifier rather than having a number jump drastically from one location to the next. We have utilised the pre-existing postal codes for each province and district to compile the BA#. Please refer to the below table for specific codes regarding the different provinces and districts in each country.

Beyond Angkor Number

(Note: We have only included the provinces and districts that have any historical Khmer context associated.)

Banteay Meanchey Kampong Thom Oddor Meanchey Ratanakiri
Mongkol Borei C0102 Baray C0601 Anlong Veng C2201 Lumphat C1605
Phnom Srok C0103 Kampong Svay C0602 Banteay Ampil C2202 O Ya Dav C1607
Preah Netr Preah C0104 Stoeng Saen Municipality C0603 Chong Kal C2203 Veun Sai C1609
O Chrov C0105 Prasat Balangk C0604 Samraong Municipality C2204 Unknown Location C1699
Serei Saophoan Municipality C0106 Prasat Sambor C0605 Trapeang Prasat C2205
Thma Puok C0107 Sandan C0606 Unknown Location C2299 Siem Reap
Svay Chek C0108 Santuk C0607 Angkor Chum C1701
Unknown Location C0199 Stoung C0608 Phnom Penh Angkor Thom C1702
Taing Kouk C0609 Daun Penh C1202 Banteay Srei C1703
Battambang Unknown Location C0699 Dangkao C1205 Chikreng C1704
Banan C0201 Russei Keo C1207 Kralanh C1706
Thma Koul C0202 Kampot Pou Senchey C1209 Puok C1707
Battambang Municipality C0203 Angkor Chey C0701 Prek Pnov C1211 Prasat Bakong C1709
Bavel C0204 Banteay Meas C0702 Chbar Ampov C1212 Siem Reap Municipality C1710
Ek Phnom C0205 Chhuk C0703 Kamboul C1214 Soutnikom C1711
Moung Russei C0206 Dang Tong C0705 Unknown Location C1299 Srei Snam C1712
Rotanak Mondol C0207 Kampong Trach C0706 Svay Leu C1713
Sangkae C0208 Toek Chhou C0707 Preah Vihear Varin C1714
Koas Krala C0213 Kampot Municipality C0708 Chey Saen (13-01) C1301 Unknown Location C1799
Rukhak Kiri C0214 Unknown Location C0799 Chhaeb C1302
Unknown Location C0299 Choam Khsant C1303 Stung Treng
Kandal Kulen C1304 Sesan C1901
Kampong Cham Kandal Stoeng C0801 Rovieng C1305 Stung Treng Municipality C1904
Batheay C0301 Kien Svay C0802 Sangkum Thmei C1306 Thala Barivat C1905
Chamkar Leu C0302 Khsach Kandal C0803 Tbaeng Mean Chey C1307 Unknown Location C1999
Cheung Prey C0303 Koh Thom C0804 Preah Vihear Municipality C1308
Kampong Cham Municipality C0305 Leuk Daek C0805 Unknown Location C1399 Svay Rieng
Kampong Siem C0306 Lvea Aem C0806 Chantrea C2001
Koh Sotin C0308 Mukh Kampul C0807 Prey Veng Kampong Rou C2002
Prey Chhor C0313 Angk Snuol C0808 Ba Phnum C1401 Romduol C2003
Srey Santhor C0314 Ponhea Leu C0809 Kamchay Mear C1402 Romeas Haek C2004
Stoeng Trang C0315 S'ang C0810 Kampong Trabaek C1403 Svay Chrum C2005
Unknown Location C0399 Ta Khmau Municipality C0811 Kanhchriech C1404 Svay Rieng Municipality C2006
Unknown Location C0899 Me Sang C1405 Svay Teab C2007
Kampong Chhnang Peam Chor C1406 Unknown Location C2099
Baribor C0401 Koh Kong Peam Ro C1407
Chol Kiri C0402 Kiri Sakor C0902 Pea Reang C1408 Takeo
Kampong Chhnang Municipality C0403 Srae Ambel C0906 Preah Sdach C1409 Angkor Borei C2101
Kampong Leng C0404 Unknown Location C0999 Prey Veaeng Municipality C1410 Bati C2102
Kampong Tralach C0405 Kampong Leav C1411 Borei Cholsar C2103
Rolea Bier C0406 Kratie Sithor Kandal C1412 Kirivong C2104
Samaki Meanchey C0407 Kratie Municipality C1002 Svay Antor C1413 Koh Andaet C2105
Toek Phos C0408 Praek Prasab C1003 Unknown Location C1499 Prei Kabbas C2106
Unknown Location C0499 Sambor C1004 Samraong C2107
Snuol C1005 Pursat Daun Kaev Municipality C2108
Kampong Speu Chetr Borei C1006 Bakan C1501 Tram Kak C2109
Basedth C0501 Unknown Location C1099 Kandieng C1502 Treang C2110
Chbar Mon Municipality C0502 Krakor C1503 Unknown Location C2199
Kong Pisei C0503 Mondulkiri Phnom Kravanh C1504
Oudong C0505 Kaev Seima C1101 Pursat Municipality C1505 Tboung Khmum
Phnom Sruoch C0506 Kaoh Nheaek C1102 Veal Veng C1506 Memot C2503
Samraong Tong C0507 Unknown Location C1199 Talou Sen Chey C1507 O Reang Ov C2504
Unknown Location C0599 Unknown Location C1599 Ponhea Kraek C2505
Tboung Khmum C2507
Unknown Location C2599