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Other.jpg Our Other Structures category covers an eclectic range of sites that basically, don't fit into any other category, but aren't sufficiently numerous to warrant their own page. These include larger city gates - such as those at Angkor Thom - which don't correspond to any specific temple site (although some would argue they are in fact outer gopuras of Prasat Bayon), as well as various walls and terraces which are again distinct from any particular monument. The enigmatic North Bank Wall being an example of the first case and the numerous, seemingly random, terraces scattered throughout Angkor Thom correspond to the second.

Other varied sites include the Angkor Thom Royal Palace and the Terrace of the Elephants, which again don't relate to any specific monument but don't fall into a temple category either. Finally in this group are oddities such as Kraol Romeas (Nokor Krau), whose purpose is unknown, but which is clearly not that of a religious monument.