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Unknown.jpg Sites classified as Unconfirmed are similar to those found in the category Unknown. These sites have yet to be catalogued in existing registries such as CISARK.

We have scoured Google satellite images and have discovered thousands of previously undocumented or uncatalogued possible historical sites such as mounds, moated sites and reservoirs. This category 'Unconfirmed' shows historic sites that show clear traces of a temple mound surrounded by a moat and/or reservoir. We are currently in the process of reviewing all Unknown sites and comparing historic satellite imagery to then reclassify some of these sites as 'Unconfirmed'.

Therefore we do not have names for the majority of these sites, and are hoping that these will entice Beyond Angkor explorers to venture off the beaten path and possibly find some hidden surprises.

Please be advised that we do not have access to million dollar LIDAR equipment and drones, nor do we have access to the LIDAR maps that have been scanned by the teams of archaeologists researching Angkor. These 'Unknown and Unconfirmed' sites are found purely with the naked eye, and panning across free-to-access satellite imagery on Google maps. LIDAR has only been used on certain major historic cities, and does not encompass the whole country/region.

If you happen to visit any of these 'unknown' or 'unconfirmed' sites, and determine that the site is of no historical value, please document what you see and post a comment on the relevant temple page. One of the admins will review or get in touch with you to discuss and determine whether we remove the said 'unknown' or 'unconfirmed' site listing.

If you happen to be in the area and visit this site, we would love to find out more about the site such as the name of the site, the size and condition of the site, what is still in situ and a few photos of the site.

We highly recommend that you consult a local guide or villager to escort you to the site, as there is a possibility of mines or UXO's when visiting remote and secluded sites. If you do decide to venture out on your own, please follow the beaten path and becareful!

Beyond Angkor does not guarantee that you will find any remains at this site. The site has been listed based a probability of a site existing at this particular location. We are not equip with 1.5 million dollar LIDAR equipment like the professional archaeologists, to scan the landscape for ancient formations, instead we have simply used the naked eye on satellite imagery to determine these 'probable' historic sites. We are pleased to say that a large number of sites we seeked remotely from the comforts of our own home, have been confirmed to be in fact 'tuols'. As sites are confirmed by explorers and reported, we have then appropriately relisted the sites with the local name and details of what have been found in situ. These sites can be found in the category No CISARK.

Beyond Angkor and the team at Beyond Angkor are not liable for any damages or injuries sustained when seeking out any historical sites listed, especially of these unknown sites. Please ensure you have the relevant travel insurance for your journey and let someone know where you are headed each day.