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You are a valued member of the Beyond Angkor community, and we are sincerely grateful to have you contribute to the articles listed as we explore Beyond Angkor.

Our community of temple fanatics including photographers, bloggers, writers, amateur researchers, would be explorers, archaeologists, art students and many others are the heart and soul of Beyond Angkor. With your help we are able to build one of the most comprehensive and reliable encyclopedias detailing the historic sites of he ancient Khmer's, whether it be pre-Angkorean, Angkorean or post-Angkorean sites.

Beyond Angkor was built independently using the free tools provided by the Wiki platform by enthusiasts and passionate amateur would be explorers. However there are still monthly and yearly running costs such as web hosting, domain name registration & privacy protection and possibly Google API map requests. Because of your dedication and enthusiasm we would like to invite you to help us keep Beyond Angkor free from annoying advertisements and ensure that Beyond Angkor can be funded for many years to come. The price of a cup of coffee or a cheap take away meal is all we ask.

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We know that the world we all live in can be hard at times, but if you have found Beyond Angkor to be useful and would like to see it continue to flourish, we would be profoundly grateful for any contribution you consider making, whether it be $5, $20, $50 or any amount that you feel comfortable contributing. Please proceed to click on the button in the top right to contribute via PayPal.

Any extra funds contributed that exceed the running costs of Beyond Angkor will be put towards building water wells for rural villagers in Siem Reap province, through the 10 Wells for 10 Families project. Feel free to visit the Facebook page to see the many projects that have occurred over the last 9 years including over 200 water wells, a library and playground for a rural primary school and donations to rural villagers.

We look forward to continuing our adventures as we explore Beyond Angkor.