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Welcome to the next step of being part of the community at Beyond Angkor, you don't need an account to read and view the articles, however if you are interested in contributing we ask that you read the following guidelines before you create an account.

When joining this community, you be able to:

  • Create your own user page, to collaborate, share information about yourself, or just practice editing and publishing in your own sandbox.
  • Communicate with other contributors via their social profile.
  • In your account profile, change the look and behaviour of Wikipedia.
  • Review a list of all your contributions.
  • Edit existing site articles, including; introduction, infobox, upload images and provide external links.
  • Use your watchlist to monitor changes made to articles you are interested in.


  • Only post factual content when editing site articles.
  • Where appropriate add the relevant references to any articles, books or websites used.
  • Only upload photographs that are your own, please do not upload photos you have downloaded off the internet.
  • Historic images uploaded should only be uploaded if they are free of copyright or you have the permission from the original owner/s,
  • Please only post respectful comments in contributors Social Profile pages
  • Please respect other members profile pages and refrain from editing unless you are simply fixing up spelling mistakes.
  • No promotion or spam.
  • All edits and uploads are subject to Admin review. Anything that is deemed inappropriate or violates copyright will be removed at the sole discretion of the team at Beyond Angkor. (Feel free to post any questions User_talk:B1Bayon

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