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Angkor Conservancy
Native Nameមណ្ឌលអភិរក្ស អង្គរ
Alternative nameAngkor Conservation, Ministry of Culture, Conservation d'Angkor
K InscriptionNumerous
Inscr. LocationIn situ
CommuneSla Kram
DistrictSiem Reap Municipality
ProvinceSiem Reap
Coordinates13.37340, 103.86426

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Site Size & Condition: Museum Angkor Conservancy (មណ្ឌលអភិរក្ស អង្គរ - Pronounced: Mon-dol Ah-pik-rakh Ong-kor)

La Conservation D'Angkor, to give it its original title, was created in 1908 with the goal of protecting the region's archaeological heritage and vestiges and providing secure premises for the safe-keeping and study of ancient artifacts. It was initially founded under the auspices of the École Française d'Extrême-Orient (EFEO) and is now managed by the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

Although for want of a better description, the site is classified in our Museum category, it is not officially open to the public, however, it is usually possible to visit certain warehouses for a fee. (We've heard reports this is generally around the $5 mark but we repeat, this is not 'official' practice.)

The various warehouses are home to an astonishing 5,000 or so exhibits with one entire building given over to inscriptions, another to lintels, etc. Even more surprising is that this is said to be the 2nd largest collection of ancient Khmer art in existence so we can only assume that the National Museum of Cambodia possesses the largest? (Note also the Conservancy is responsible for the numerous on-site storage locations - Angkor Thom Depository, Bayon Exhibition Hut and Depository etc.

Unlike regional Ministry of Culture sites, important artifacts are deposited here from all over Cambodia with new items being continually added as they are unearthed. Prize exhibits from the collection also formed the basis of the new Angkor National Museum so bear in mind, when you do peruse their spectacular displays, that the Museum's contents represent just a tiny fraction of the total number of artifacts in storage.

The compound is located on the aptly named Angkor Conservation Street on the west bank of the Siem River opposite Prasat Preah Enkosei. Official opening hours are 07.00-15.30 daily, except Sundays.

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