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For the temple, see Prasat Banteay Srei (Banteay_Srei)

Although recognized as one of the masterpieces of Angkorian architecture and distinctive enough in style to warrant its own art designation, Prasat Banteay Srei (Banteay_Srei) is certainly a 'one-off' and ultimately remains unique in its own category. Other sites from this late-10th-century period - Jayavarman V reign - are generally classified in the less ornate early Khleang style. The temple site, north of the main Angkor complex, is known for both its striking red sandstone (rarely seen elsewhere) and the exceptionally intricate and elaborate reliefs as well as having being constructed in a somewhat miniature form.

The site is credited to Vishnukumara and Yajnavaraha - important courtiers - the latter of whom is said to have been a teacher to the young Jayavarman V. In any case they seem to have realized their own designs, with perhaps their own team of craftsmen, (and even their own private quarry!) A small site east of the North Khleang, Prasat Khleang Khang Cheung Toch, is said to display certain similarities and is thought to have been constructed at a similar time while certain Pre Rup style reliefs show clear influences. Several of the larger temples at Koh Ker appear to feature elaborate Banteay Srei-style gopuras and pediments - presumably added later in the 10th-century once the capital had been moved back to Angkor.

Banteay Srei itself was part of a settlement known as Īśvarapura and the temple seems to have come under royal control by the early 11th-century when some rebuilding was undertaken, possibly by Suryavarman I.

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