Baray Hong Nang Sida

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Baray Hong Nang Sida
Native Nameບາລີຫົງນາງສີດາ, បារាយណ៍ហុងណាងស៊ីដា
TypeAncient Reservoir
Part ofHong Nang Sida, Lingapura (Champassak), Wat Phou and Associated Ancient Settlements
Coordinates14.83775, 105.82409
FoundedLate 11th - Early 12th Century
BuilderJayavarman VI, Suryavarman II (?)
MaterialEarth, Laterite, Sandstone
UNESCO Inscription2001

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Site Size & Condition: Reservoir Baray Hong Nang Sida (ບາລີຫົງນາງສີດາ - Pronounced: Bar-aye Hong Nang See-da)

This rectangular, now dry, reservoir extends for approximately 200m north-south and 600m east-west and possesses a slightly south of east-west orientation as per Hong Nang Sida itself. The feature lies 1km to the east of the temple and traces of a causeway connecting the 2 sites can be clearly seen on satellite images. Although today filled with paddy-fields, a strip of vegetation demarks the reservoir with some laterite and sandstone blocks still evident.

A smaller rectangle, filling the southwest corner of the reservoir, (c. 100m x 250), indicating an earlier reservoir on the site, clouds the dating somewhat as this small baray also aligns with Hong Nang Sida. Furthermore, a clear line of vegetation bisects the western end of the reservoir and continues in a southwest direction. This was originally considered to be a dyke, perhaps enclosing part of Lingapura (Champassak), although more recent studies have suggested it was a canal. In either case, construction was apparently later than the baray.

What appears then, at first sight, to be a straightforward reservoir associated with a nearby temple site, is in reality more confusing.

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