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Kampong Chhang Province's geographical location undoubtedly meant it functioned as an important transportation hub in early times while extensive areas of fertile agricultural land probably correspond to a relatively high population. The province is situated at the junction of routes converging from south and north of the Tonle Sap - Battambang and Kampong Thom/Siem Reap - as well as south to Kandal and present-day Phnon Penh and east to Kampong Cham. Furthermore, the crucial early transport routes of the Tonle Sap River and Tonle Sap Lake also meet at a point just north of the modern-day provincial capital.

The province is significant in housing some of the best-preserved early sites to be found in the country. Prasat Preah Srei in particular, as well as Prasat Sa Khla, is one of the most intact Sambor Prei Kuk sites while the lakeside Prasat Kampong Preah gave its name to an entire 8th-century architectural style. Kampong Chhnang appears to have been particularly important in early times - perhaps as a link between Sambor Prei Kuk and late Funan/Chenla sites in the south - as well as to nascent settlements in the area west of Angkor.

Kampong Leng District clearly housed a substantial-sized 7th-century settlement while later period sites are also represented with the Prei Rup style Prasat Thnam Pdei and possible Khleang era Prasat Phnom Ponnareay. Elsewhere, a large cluster of sites in the south are associated with the later settlements of Banteay Longvek and Phnom Oudong.


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