Hong Nang Sida

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Hong Nang Sida
Native Nameຫົງນາງສີດາ, ហុងណាងស៊ីដា
Alternative namePrasat Huay Sida, Prasat Huei Sida, Ho Nang Sida
Part ofHong Nang Sida, Wat Phou and Associated Ancient Settlements, Lingapura (Champassak)
Coordinates14.83803, 105.81510
FoundedLate 11th - Early 12th Century
BuilderJayavarman VI, Suryavarman II (?)
Art StyleAngkor Wat
MaterialSandstone, Brick, Laterite
Year/s Restored2019 to present-day
UNESCO Inscription2001

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Site Size & Condition: Medium Prasat Hong Nang Sida (ຫົງນາງສີດາ - Pronounced: Hohng Nang See-da)

When we last visited this small but busy site, a short distance south of Wat Phu itself, it was frankly an indecipherable pile of sandstone blocks but in recent times the Lao authorities - with assistance from UNESCO - have made considerable efforts to clear and restore the temple. (1)

Although there is a paucity of in situ decorative elements, the style appears to be late 11th-early or 12th-century and consists of a central, cruciform-shaped, sandstone sanctuary on a high platform, facing east and surrounded by a laterite enclosure wall. The shrine has an elaborate eastern entrance pavilion while separate from the main structure, but within the enclosed area is a brick 'library' and 2 smaller shrines as well as a small reservoir. A much larger reservoir, Baray Hong Nang Sida is situated to the east with traces of a causeway linking the 2 sites.

The site may conceivably have been an 11th-12th-century upgrade of an existing site and the temple appears to be an important element within the early Angkor-period city site of Lingapura (Champassak).

Update; In June 2022 a Korean archaeological team announced the discovery of a large and spectacular trove of objects in a hitherto unknown room under the main tower. See our external link below for details and photographs.

(1) Please note our available photo gallery predates the recent renovation.

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