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Native Nameຫ້ວຍ, ហួយ
Alternative nameHuay San, Huoay
Part ofWat Phou and Associated Ancient Settlements, Lingapura (Champassak)
Coordinates14.84447, 105.81754
MaterialEarth, Sandstone
UNESCO Inscription2001

L16015 Huay 1.jpg
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Site Size & Condition: Wall Huay (ຫ້ວຍ - Pronounced: Hoo-ay)

Referred to on the CISARK survey as simply Huay - (stream in Lao) - this listing more specifically designates the Huay San, a canalised stream flowing from Lingapavarta (Phu Khao) towards Hong Nang Sida and the Lingapura (Champassak) site.

The natural inclination of the land is of course eastwards, with streams flowing towards the Mekong River, however, the course of this stream was altered, directing the flow due south from the vicinity of Wat Phu for some 300m. At this point, the stream took a near right-angle turn to the east for some 500m followed by another 90 degree turn to the south to connect with the Baray Hong Nang Sida. (It also seems to have connected with a second stream flowing east from the area above the Hong Nang Sida Quarry.)

Today, outside of periods of heavy precipitation at least, the stream is a small one although numerous scattered sandstone blocks can still be seen the length of the deep channel. (Its importance is indicated by the use of sandstone rather than the more permeable laterite.) Our designated GPS point indicates the location where the stream crosses the main south-north route leading from Wat Phu to the present-day border. This would, of course, have necessitated a bridge, (as well as a second one slightly south for the quarry stream), although, apart from the various sandstone embankment blocks no obvious additional vestiges are visible at this point. A wooden bridge could be surmised?

The Huay San forms just a small part of a complex and extensive hydraulic system covering a wide area south of Wat Phu in the Lingapura ancient city area.

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