Kok Kbal Romeas (Siem Reap)

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Kok Kbal Romeas
Native Nameគោកក្បាលរមាស
CommuneToek Vil
DistrictSiem Reap Municipality
ProvinceSiem Reap
Coordinates13.39989, 103.82121
MaterialBrick, Laterite

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Site Size & Condition: Medium Tuol Kok Kbal Romeas (គោកក្បាលរមាស - Pronounced: Kook K'bal Rom-eas)

Pronounced, tree-covered earthen mound surrounded by traces of a partially filled moat and eastern causeway. The site measures some 60m square and is aligned east-west. Although largely covered by dense vegetation the remains of three brick towers on a laterite base are still clearly discernable. Numerous brick and laterite fragments are visible on the surface while three small depressions, corresponding to the tower outlines, show some partially buried sections of brick wall.

The owner of the land states that the brick vestiges are relatively deep so even a minimum of excavation ought to reveal foundations and lower courses and would consequently alter the site's classification from tuol to ruin. The owner also states that sandstone elements were present in former times but their absence today makes any accurate dating impossible.

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