Kok Kmaoch

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Kok Kmaoch
Native Nameគេាកខ្មោច
CommuneToek Vil
DistrictSiem Reap Municipality
ProvinceSiem Reap
Coordinates13.38872, 103.82185

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Site Size & Condition: Medium Tuol Kok Kmaoch (គេាកខ្មោច - Pronounced: Kook K'mowt)

Raised area with dense tree cover situated immediately north of the wall of the Apsara Authority compound which is reported by local residents as being a 'tuol prasat' or ancient temple site. The location was formerly used as a burial site which gave rise to the local name kmaoch (meaning ghost in Khmer.) Kok Trapaeng Kaet lies some 150m to the east.

The site was hard to access during a recent rainy season visit and requires verification as to what, if any artefacts and or vestiges may remain. Traces of a moat are indiscernible on the north and east sides of the plot although an irregular-shaped body of water to the south and west - apparently beyond the wall of the aforementioned Apsara compound - may conceivably represent sections of ancient moat.

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