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Beyond Angkor is the brainchild of Allan Lim, who had originally come up with the great idea of creating an online, comprehensive and user-friendly, database of Angkorian and pre-Angkorian historical sites way back in the early 2000s but lacked the technical know-how to do so. (Also, he freely admits; - he just didn't know where to start!)

Fast forward 20 years, and after meeting like-minded, would-be explorers online, he decided it was time to give it another crack. Here we are at the start of 2021, in the middle of a pandemic, stuck at home with further exploring sadly put on hold, so...what better time to undertake this massive labour of love!?

We hope that with the release of Beyond Angkor to the public, that the team will grow and we'd love to welcome you into the Beyond Angkor family.

Allan Lim

Founder, brainchild and would-be explorer

Melbourne-based Allan first became interested in Cambodia and Angkorean history after researching the history of Cambodia prior to a family trip at the end of high school. After visiting his parents' homeland for the first time in 2001, he fell in love with the place and didn't want to return home. Over the next twenty or so years, Allan returned no less than fifteen times, with his trips to Cambodia evolving from taking in the regular tourist sites to adventure-filled, off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Allan is also involved in a variety of philanthropic projects such as providing school supplies to primary school kids, raising funds for a local orphanage, supplying daily staples to deprived rural villages, funding a library for a primary school in Siem Reap Province and facilitating the construction of over 260 much-needed wells for rural communities.

Mark Ord

Admin and would-be explorer

Although based in neighbouring Thailand (which of course has plenty of Angkorian sites of its own) - Mark has been visiting Cambodia regularly for over 20 years and - although he has zero Khmer ancestry (!) - like Allan, fell in love with the country, people and rich history. Mark researched areas of Burma (Myanmar), Thailand and Cambodia for online travel guide Travelfish as well as running All Points East, a tour company specialising in off-the-beaten-track areas of Southeast Asia, including, of course, plenty of remote ancient temple sites.

Neither occupation being very compatible with a major pandemic, Mark jumped at the chance to explore new temples, at least remotely, and now contributes text, photos and historical background to Allan's vast store of knowledge and awesome technical prowess!

Suon Sopheaktra

Admin Consultant Archeologist and Researcher


List of Beyond Angkor Member Contributors
List of Non-Member Contributors
Heang Song (Local Tour Guide and Remorque Driver) - Verification of GPS locations, and contributor of photos
Chamnan Soeun (Local Tour Guide) - Verification of GPS locations, and contributor of photos
Peter Kasteiner (Would be explorer) - Verification of GPS locations, and contributor of photos