Prasat Banteay Chhmar Spean Khang Thboung

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Prasat Banteay Chhmar Spean Khang Thboung
Native Nameប្រាសាទបន្ទាយឆ្មារស្ពានខាងត្បូង
TypeAncient Bridge
Part ofPrasat Banteay Chhmar, Banteay Chhmar
VillageBanteay Chhmar
CommuneBanteay Chhmar
DistrictThma Puok
ProvinceBanteay Meanchey
Coordinates14.06733, 103.09991
FoundedLate 12th - Early 13th Century
BuilderDharanindravarman II, Jayavarman VII, Indravarman II
Art StyleBayon
MaterialLaterite, Sandstone
Year/s Restored2022-23
UNESCO Proposed2020
UNESCO Tentative2020

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Site Size & Condition: Ancient Bridge Prasat Banteay Chhmar Spean Khang Thboung (ប្រាសាទបន្ទាយឆ្មារស្ពានខាងត្បូង - Pronounced: Pra-saht Bon-teay Ch'mar S'pien Karng T'borng)

The southern causeway or access bridge across the inner moat that surrounds Prasat Banteay Chhmar that leads onto the gopura entrance or gate Prasat Banteay Chhmar Khloung Thvear Khang Thboung. The causeway was built with gods and demons lined up along the sides pulling on a multi-headed naga, very reminiscent to the ones found at the entrances of Angkor Thom in Siem Reap. This particular causeway has recently been restored, albeit with missing god and demon heads.

This is one of four causeways that leads into the main temple grounds, the others are listed as Prasat Banteay Chhmar Spean Khang Kaeut, Prasat Banteay Chhmar Spean Khang Cheung and Prasat Banteay Chhmar Spean Khang Lech.

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