Prasat Khnach Tol Khang Kaeut

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Prasat Khnach Tol Khang Kaeut
Native Nameប្រាសាទខ្នាចទោលខាងកើត
Alternative nameM.103, Prasat Khnach Tol, Prasat Khnach Tol East
K InscriptionK.???
Inscr. LocationIn situ
Part ofIsanapura, Bhavapura, Sambor Prei Kuk Group
VillageO Krou Kae
DistrictPrasat Sambor
ProvinceKampong Thom
Coordinates12.87024, 105.01675
Founded7th Century
BuilderBhavavarman II (?)
Art StyleSambor Prei Kuk, Prei Khmeng
MaterialBrick, Sandstone
Year/s Restored2022
UNESCO Inscription2017

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Site Size & Condition:Medium Ruin Prasat Khnach Tol Khang Kaeut (ប្រាសាទខ្នាចទោលខាងកើត - Pronounced: Pra-saht K'nahch T'ohl K'ahng Kult)

Another entire temple group in the area west of O Krou Kae that's been raised to its foundations, Khnach Tol consists of the remains of 4 brick shrines, an earthen enclosure embankment and 3 man-made ponds. Some fragments of inscriptions were found here in 2002 but we have no knowledge of their contents or current whereabouts.

In 2022, the Department of Archaeology and Conservation of Sambor Prei Kuk National Authority, undertook excavation work at the site to research and determine the history and period of this temple site.

One of the towers they excavated revealed that it was similar to the towers of Prasat Yeay Poan, in that it was octagonal. The site is dated to the middle of the 7th century, showing Sambor Prei Kuk art style but also possibly some early Prei Khmeng art style as well.

Check the external link below to find pictures of the before and after shots that the Department of Archaeology posted. The site is in Khmer, but there is an 'English' option available, albeit in fairly poor English.

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