Prasat Lolei

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Prasat Lolei
Native Nameប្រាសាទ​លលៃ
Alternative nameLolei
K InscriptionK.323, K.324, K.325, K.326, K.327, K.328, K.329, K.330, K.331, K.332, K.333, K.334, K.335, K.336, K.337, K.338, K.947
Inscr. LocationIn situ
Part ofIndratataka, Hariharalaya, Angkor
DistrictPrasat Bakong
ProvinceSiem Reap
Coordinates13.35270, 103.97382
FoundedLate 9th Century
BuilderIndravarman I, Yasovarman I
Art StylePreah Ko, Bakheng
MaterialBrick with remaining stucco work
Year/s Restored2017-20
UNESCO Inscription1992

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Site Size & Condition: Medium Prasat Prasat Lolei (ប្រាសាទ​លលៃ - Pronounced: Pra-saht Loh-lei) - or more often simply Lolei, was begun during the reign of Indravarman I in the late 9th-century to honour his own immediate family as well as the god Shiva. The front pair of 4 brick towers were dedicated to his father and grandfather and the rear couple to his mother and grandmother. Despite additional work by the subsequent king Yasorvarman, 2 more planned tower - which would have made 2 rows of 3 east-facing shrines - were never completed. (Apologies to his aunt and uncle!)

Despite its unfinished state, the site must have been spectacular, situated as it was on 2 high, sandstone-clad platforms (80 x 90m) on an artificial island set in the centre of a large artificial reservoir known as the Indratataka. (The baray is today filled with paddy-fields.)

The taller - which would have been the central towers - are in relatively good condition and the southern ones less so. All display very high-quality decoration including some vestiges of intricate stucco work, inserted sandstone reliefs of devatas and guardian figures and equally intricate and superbly crafted Preah Ko-style lintels. Numerous inscriptions were found at the site and some can still be seen in situ on door jams.

A Buddhist wat, of more recent construction, shares the platform with the ancient temples.

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