Prasat Seman Teng

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Prasat Seman Teng
Native Nameប្រាសាទស្មាន់តេង
Alternative nameKrantep
TypeSmall Ruin, Dharmasala
VillagePong Toek
CommuneNokor Pheas
DistrictAngkor Chum
ProvinceSiem Reap
CoordinatesN13 37.744 E103 45.427
Founded12th Century
BuilderJayavarman VII
Art StyleBayon
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Site Size & Condition: Small Ruin Prasat Seman Teng (ប្រាសាទស្មាន់តេង - Pronounced: Pra-saht Smanh Tehng) stands on of the 120 Dharmasalas that King Jayavarman VII built along his Royal roads leading out of Angkor. This one in particular is in a ruined state with a unique setting of a bamboo forest, the site lacks any carvings as they have all been looted. There is a small carved sandstone block that sits in situ with partially visible praying figures but not much else. South of Prasat Smonh sits a man-made reservoir.

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