Prasat Snoeng Khang Kaeut

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Prasat Snoeng Khang Kaeut
Native Nameប្រាសាទ​ស្នឹង​ខាង​កើត
Alternative namePrasat Snoeng East, Prasat Steung, Prasat Sneung
K InscriptionK.204, K.743, K.879
Inscr. LocationIn situ
VillageSnoeng Kaeut, Snoeng Lech
Coordinates12.96502, 103.05212
FoundedLate 10th Century and mid-11th Century
Art StylePre Rup, Baphuon
MaterialBrick, Laterite, Sandstone

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Site Size & Condition: Medium Prasat Prasat Snoeng Khang Kaeut (ប្រាសាទ​ស្នឹង​ខាង​កើត - Pronounced: Pra-saht Snuehng Kahng Ka'eut)

A group of three intact, brick towers aligned east-west and situated on a raised laterite base measuring some 20m x 30m. A rectangular pond immediately east of the towers measures some 50m x 120m and is aligned north-south but is more likely, in our opinion, to have begun life as a section of surrounding moat rather than a baray.

Various sandstone elements lie half-buried in the vicinity and likely correspond to missing door frame elements with just the south tower today displaying the remains of a porch or mandapa. With the exception of a spectacular and immaculately conserved Indra on Airavata lintel on the central tower, no decoration or reliefs remain in situ although a second Indra lintel is now on display at the Battambang Provincial Museum. Both lintels have been identified as belonging to the Pre Rup period although it is probable that some details of the sanctuary were possibly upgraded or renovated at a slightly later time; presumably during the Baphuon era and construction of the adjacent Prasat Snoeng Khang Lech.

Inscriptions appear to support this as the reportedly in situ K.204 and K.743 have been tentatively dated to the 10th century while a third sandstone block featuring another inscription, K.879, from the late 10th century, was subsequently reused as a lintel.

The sanctuary is hidden from the road - and roadside Prasat Snoeng East - lying behind (east of) the active Buddhist temple Wat Snoeng.

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