Prasat Top Khang Kaeut

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Prasat Top Khang Kaeut
Native Nameប្រាសាទតុបខាងកើត
Alternative namePrasat Top, Prasat Top East, East Prasat Top, Mangalartha, Prasat Mangalartha
K InscriptionK.488, K.567
Inscr. LocationIn situ
Part ofYasodharapura III, Angkor Thom, Angkor
CommuneNokor Thom
DistrictSiem Reap Municipality
ProvinceSiem Reap
Coordinates13.44383, 103.86790
FoundedLate 13th Century
BuilderIndravarman II, Jayavarman VIII,
Art StylePost Bayon
UNESCO Inscription1992

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Site Size & Condition: Small Prasat Prasat Top Khang Kaeut (ប្រាសាទតុបខាងកើត - Pronounced: Pra-saht Toap Khang Kalt), better known as Mangalartha, or Prasat Top East, is located more or less equidistantly between the 2 eastern causeways of Angkor Thom. The small, sandstone shrine's purpose (if any) is unknown but it is certainly one of the last sandstone temples to have been constructed within the city, and indeed Angkor, area. (It's often claimed to be the last although Prasat Top Khang Lech (Angkor Thom) does show later features.) The shrine is said to have been dedicated to the son of Jayamangalartha, a Brahmin priest/guru much appreciated by Jayavarman VII and, as such, is another of the few sites to possibly retain its original name.

The east-facing tower, standing on a high basement, is in poor condition, despite its relatively younger age, although numerous fragments of carvings can be seen on the ground including a number of Vishnu images.

The site is best approached form the north.

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