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For the temple, see Prasat Pre Rup

Pre Rup style covers another brief - mid-10th-century - period, coinciding with the reign of Rajendavarman II. After the tumult of the early part of the 10th-century and the establishment of an alternative capital at Koh Ker, much of this important king's reign seems to have been taken up by reorganization and consolidation of the empire. His success can be seen in the number of widespread sites dated to this period although it appears there was little time or appetite for architectural innovation with most sites displaying something of a retro style.

Jayavarman IV's experimentation with massive sandstone and laterite structures seems to have been temporarily abandoned and major Pre Rup sites such as the eponymous Prasat Pre Rup and East Mebon, (Prasat Mebon Khang Kaeut), with their brick and stucco towers on tiered platforms, hark back to a Bakheng or even Bakong style.

Although a brief timeframe, a lot of monuments were constructed during this era and decoration and lintels are correspondingly eclectic with a certain amount of copying of earlier styles and probable reusing of older elements apparent. Narrative reliefs are rare and a central figure with surrounding foliage is common although intricate designs are often seen. Borders below and or above are commonly seen and with the king's personal beliefs orientated towards Buddhism, even seated Buddha figures can sometimes be seen in these border freezes. (Small, specifically Buddhist shrines such as Prasat Bat Chum were also constructed.)

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