Spean Memay (Kok Thmei)

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Spean Memay
Native Nameស្ពានមេម៉ាយ
Alternative nameSpean Ta Nei, Spean Memai, Spean Thma
TypeAncient Bridge
Part ofYasodharapura III, Angkor
VillageKok Thmei
CommuneDaun Kaev
ProvinceSiem Reap
Coordinates13.44543, 103.76117
FoundedLate 12th Century
BuilderJayavarman VII
Art StyleBayon

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Site Size & Condition: Ancient Bridge Spean Memay (ស្ពានមេម៉ាយ - Pronounced: Spien Meh-maiy)

Located immediately northwest of the northwest corner of the Western Baray, this well-preserved example is one of the numerous laterite bridges constructed during the late 12th-century, Jayavarman VII period, along the ancient roads fanning out from the capital. Spean Thma, known locally as Spean Memai (or Memay), possess 21 arches and spans some 8m in width by 80m in length and is located on the ancient route heading northwest to Prasat Banteay Chhmar.

The eastern section is particularly well-preserved and clear of vegetation although the western half is somewhat lost in the bush. Hopefully, at some future date, the entire length will be cleared and the access path improved to what is one of the best-preserved bridges in the Angkor area.

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