Tuol Kok Ta Lon

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Tuol Kok Ta Lon
Native Nameទួលគោកតាលន់
CommuneToek Vil
DistrictSiem Reap Municipality
ProvinceSiem Reap
Coordinates13.38923, 103.82430
Year/s RestoredDestroyed

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Site Size & Condition: Destroyed Site Size & Condition: Small Tuol Tuol Kok Ta Lon (ទួលគោកតាលន់ - Pronounced: Toohl Kook Ta Lon)

Slightly raised grassy, square plot bordered by sugar palms which is identified by local residents as the former site of an ancient temple mound. As with many in this area, the mound was raised in recent times to provide dry grazing for cattle amid the extensive paddy fields with the earth and brick rubble being used as infill at local construction sites. Although a vague outline of a surrounding moat is still discernable we were unable to identify any remaining vestiges or brick fragments at the site.

Curiously the site overlaps the adjacent site of Prasat Kok Prasat (Kok Dong) and its northern section occupies what would have been the southwestern section of that site's moat. The 40m x 40m plot does appear to possess a similar alignment to Kok Prasat although the relationship between the two is unclear. The adjacent site is larger and still houses vestiges although in so far as Kok Ta Long occupies a large chunk of its moat we would have to assume that it was constructed at a later date. A narrow seasonally water-filled strip on the north side of Kok Ta Lon today presumably corresponds to the north side of its moat although there is little space between the two tuols.

A curious albeit not unique arrangement.

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