Tuol Phum Daung

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Tuol Phum Daung
Native Nameទួលភូមិដូង
Alternative nameTuol Phum Dong
K InscriptionK.???
Inscr. LocationBattambang Provincial Museum
VillagePhum Daung
CommuneCheu Teal
Coordinates12.96578, 103.14680

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Site Size & Condition: Small Tuol Tuol Phum Daung (ទួលភូមិដូង - Pronounced: Tool Poum Dorng)

This ancient sanctuary site, listed on the CISARK website, is noted as being a short distance north of Prasat Phnom Banan on the west side of Route 154. The GPS coordinates provided indicate a point amid orchards immediately behind Phum Daung Primary School although both the precise location and condition of the site today require on-the-ground verification.

The listing offers no description so we assume an earthen mound with possible brick fragments although an adjacent site, listed as Neak Ta Hourng - amid the same orchards - records fragments of both a sema stone and a moonstone step (1) as well as bricks. The houses an intact, sandstone stele featuring a lengthy inscription which has been dated to the 7th or early 8th century and which simply records Daung village, (Phum Daung), as its provenance. (Surprisingly, we're unable to locate a corresponding 'K' number.)

While this period corresponds to the use of moonstone steps, (as seen at the nearby neak ta), Tuol Phum Daung may, of course, equally date to a similar period and indeed the two sites may have formed a single, small temple complex. As far as we know, the village only features the two aforementioned sites so one of them is presumably the origin of the stele.

(1) The so-called moonstone carved blocks were a common feature of early, 7th to 8th century, sanctuaries where they formed the bottom step of the entrance stairs but appear to have fallen out of favour at later temples.

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