Wat Ampil (Puok)

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Wat Ampil
Native Nameវត្តអំពឹល
VillageKok Chan
ProvinceSiem Reap
Coordinates13.40650, 103.73158

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Site Size & Condition: Wat Wat Ampil (វត្ត​តអំពឹល - Pronounced: Wot Om-pehl)

Large, active Buddhist monastery site serving as a depository for a number of Angkorian artefacts. These include one particularly large and well-preserved yoni pedestal as well as a smaller example, triple and double linga pedestals and a regular statue plinth. Additional sandstone artefacts correspond to possibly a section of doorframe and eroded colonette. Despite having received a coat of paint in recent times the lower half of a broken seated Buddha image is also said by resident monks to have originated at Angkor although we are sceptical as to the antiquity of the latter.

All artefacts appear to have been brought from elsewhere and there is no evidence that the wat itself lies on an ancient sanctuary site. The objects are scattered around the complex rather than being grouped together and some are hard to find. The largest pedestal site behind the vihara with certain others placed in front of the monks' quarters while the 3 yoni plinth lies under some bushes near the toilet block!

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