Wat Chao Chan

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Wat Chao Chan
Native Nameวัดเจ้าจันทร์, វត្តចៅចាន់
TypeArogyasala, Temple
Part ofChaliang
CommuneSi Satchanalai
DistrictSi Satchanalai
Coordinates17.42862, 99.80442
FoundedEarly 13th Century
BuilderJayavarman VII, Indravarman II
Art StyleBayon, Post Angkor S
Year/s Restored2015?
UNESCO Inscription1991

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Site Size & Condition: Medium Prasat Wat Chao Chan (วัดเจ้าจันทร์ - Pronounced: Wot Chao Chan)

The small but well-preserved brick and laterite sanctuary, today known as Wat Chao Chan, is probably the single site at Chaliang site that has undergone the least subsequent modifications and that most clearly displays its Khmer origins. The 'wat' consists of a laterite tower featuring Bayon period architectural elements with an eastern entrance beyond which a columned but unroofed hall extends. Both the brick platform in the centre of this hall and a small brick mondop on the northern side are later additions. (The interior of the latter features a crudely sculpted brick Buddha image.)

The site is generally accepted to represent a hospital chapel or arogyasala, dates to the early 13th century - late-Bayon period - and was possibly completed or commissioned by Indravarman II. (It is worth pointing out that, while generally speaking few archaeologists contest the site's Khmer style and origins, if the laterite tower was simply changed to a brick chedi then the temple would immediately take on the appearance of any number of the area's smaller Sukhothai-period ruins.)

The interior of the tower holds 2 sandstone pedestals while some very eroded Buddha images can be seen in the hall although otherwise, the site is lacking in decoration.

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