Wat Prasat Noren Enteak Komar

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Wat Prasat Noren Enteak Komar
Native Nameវត្តប្រាសាទនរិន្ទឥន្ទកុមារ
Alternative nameWat Prasat Noren, Wat Enteak Komar, Wat Kdei Char, Wat Ang Khnar
K InscriptionK.157
Inscr. LocationIn situ
VillageEnteak Komar
CommuneKampong Svay
DistrictKampong Svay
ProvinceKampong Thom
Coordinates12.77758, 104.94482
FoundedMid-10th Century
BuilderRajendravarman II (?)
Art StyleSambor Prei Kuk, Prei Khmeng, Pre Rup
MaterialLaterite, Sandstone

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Site Size & Condition: Medium Tuol Wat Prasat Noren Enteak Komar (វត្តប្រាសាទនរិន្ទឥន្ទកុមារ - Pronounced: What Pra-saht Noren En-tee-ak Komar)

Active Buddhist monastery which appears to have been constructed on the site of an ancient temple. The alignment of the site is slightly north of true east-west while the vihara has been built on a terrace of old laterite blocks. A rectangular pond, with a similar orientation, lies immediately east of the vihara.

Several sandstone pedestals can be seen in the grounds while 2 lintels and an inscription were found here. The latter is a mid-10th-century, Rajendravarman II period Sanskrit text while the lintels show Sambor Prei Kuk and Prei Khmeng art styles. Both lintels have been removed to the National Museum of Cambodia in Phnom Penh and while the inscription was reportedly still in situ we'd suspect it's since been moved to the same destination.

As is usually the case, it's not known if the artefacts were actually unearthed or merely deposited here. Given the location an early, 7th-century, temple site is plausible and a renovation by Rajendravaramn Ii (who claimed to hail from nearby Bhavapura) is equally possible. Alternatively, there are myriad, early local ruins that could provide provenance for them.

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