Wat Tomnup

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Wat Tomnup
Native Nameវត្តទំនប់
Alternative nameWat Tomnup Preah Angkor Meanchey
VillageTomnop Leu
ProvinceKampong Cham
CoordinatesN12 04.548 E104 58.516
1229 Wat Tomnup 1.jpg
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Site Size & Condition: Wat Wat Tomnup (វត្តទំនប់ - Pronounced: Woit Thom-nop) or also known as Wat Tomnup Preah Angkor Meanchey is a modern temple that houses 2 lions and a pedestal. When I had visited the site I didn't get to do a thorough check and did not spot these ancient artefacts.

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