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If you aren't a bookworm and prefer to watch for knowledge, here are a list of documentaries that you may not be aware of.


Angkor: A Temple Saved from the Waters EFEO 2020 76mins A documentary that talks about the restoration efforts of Prasat Mebon Khang Lech [Watch Online Now]

Access 360 World Heritage Angkor Wat National Geographics 2013 44mins A documentary that focuses on the restoration efforts at the temples of Angkor but also talks about the use of new LIDAR technology to unravel the surroundings of Angkor. [Watch Online Now]

Ancient Megastructures: Angkor Wat National Geographics 2008 47mins A documentary about the construction of Angkor Wat. [Watch Online Now]

Angkor for Sale?: Art Theft in Cambodia Kultur Video 2013 53mins

Angkor the Land of the Gods Smithonian 2011 46mins (x2) A 2 part documentary focusing on King Suryavarman II's Angkor Wat and King Jayarvarman VII's extensive building campaigns. [Watch Part 1 Online Now] [Watch Part 2 Online Now]

Digging for the Truth: Angkor Wat History Channel 2007 45mins [Watch Online Now] A documentary about of Angkor Wat.

Jungle Atlantis BBC 2014 49mins (x2) A 2 part documentary about the latest findings using LIDAR technology and the ability to see under all foliage. [Watch Part 1 Online Now] [Watch Part 2 Online Now]

The Khmer Empire - Fall of the God Kings Fall of Civilisations Podcast 2020 98mins [Watch Online Now]

A La Poursuite Des Pilleurs de Temples Arte 2016 52mins (French) A French documentary that talks about the controversial topic of the trafficking and selling of antiquities, in particular the looting of Koh Ker in Cambodia. [Watch Online Now]

Lost Worlds: City of the God Kings Channel 4 2002 49mins A documentary providing an overview on the temples of Angkor, taking into account Zhou Daguan's one year visit to Angkor in the 13th Century and the western discovery by Henri Mouhot. [Watch Online Now]

The Mark of Empire: Angkor Mediacorp 2020 46mins [Watch Online Now]

Revival of Angkor, the City of Gods Arirang TV 2013? 47mins [Watch Online Now]

Secrets in the Dust: Secrets of Angkor History for National Geographics 50mins [Watch Online Now]