Wat Snoeng

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Wat Snoeng
Native Nameវត្តស្នឹង
VillageSnoeng Kaeut, Snoeng Lech
Coordinates12.96492, 103.05120

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Site Size & Condition: Wat Wat Snoeng (វត្តស្នឹង - Pronounced: Wot Sneung)

Active Buddhist Monastery situated on the east side of Highway 57 and whose grounds separate the 11th-century sanctuary of Prasat Snoeng Khang Lech, (Snoeng West), from the Pre Rup-period temple Prasat Snoeng Khang Kaeut, (Snoeng East). The grounds house a sandstone tower top or cap and a few laterite and sandstone fragments although - not surprisingly - it is not clear which of the two sanctuaries is the provenance of said artefacts. (It may well, of course, be both.)

Bounded by the two aforementioned intact temples, the wat itself gives no indication of having been a sanctuary site in its own right.

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