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City.jpg This category refers to sites considered - by the consensus of archaeological opinion - to have been either a city of importance or capital at some stage of Angkorian or pre-Angkorian history. Certain sites, such as Hariharalaya or Lingapura (Preah Vihear) are almost universally accepted while others including Purandarapura or Aninditapura are still debated. We have attempted to avoid over-speculation and have provided listings according to our own, admittedly amateur considerations backed up by what we feel is the weight of logical archaeological opinion.

Note; as they are of considerable, and we feel relevant, interest we have also included post-Angkorian capitals such as Longvek and Oudong.

Finally, note that terms such as city, village or settlement are inevitably rather subjective terms in so far as the extent and probably population of such sites is impossible to determine.